“If we balance biology and chemistry way can change the physical with out breaking any laws.”-Dr. William Albrecht

Soil and Water are the most precious of our remaining natural resources. They are connected hand in hand. Without properly balanced soil, water tends to puddle, runs off and erode precious top soil. Water conservation is essential to the future of food security of our planet. However, conservation is not enough.

Water conservation starts and finishes with the soil (water cycle). The perfect soil is comprised of 5 percent HUMUS, 45 percent minerals, 25 percent water and 25 percent air. When this balance is achieves, it allows biology to build. By using a vast fungal and bacterial network your soil mines minerals, cycles carbon, and stores water. The 5 percent humus is natures reservoir. For every additional one percent of organic mater added into the soil, it will hold up to 18,176 gallons of water per acre. That’s a lot of water! If we maintain proper balance, soil aggregates will percolate up that stored moisture for the most stressful plant cycles. Truly amazing! But this is just part of the story…

Nature’s way of improving its soil is evidenced in the Amazon River basin, not only consider the most fertile soil on the planet, but recent NASA studies have show that it creates its own rain through water vapor.

Nature’s way is diversity by design. By utilizing diverse cover crops and minimum tillage, we can mimic nature by maintaining a robust biology. Nature is all about balance. Not only is soil foundation of all life, it is the key to water conservation.