Increasing the value and utility of a recreational property allows the property owner to attract and enjoy the value of their investment.  Many recreational property investments are made with the desire to increase the presence and the quantity of wildlife. Often times the most desired attracted wildlife is a vibrant deer population.

A food plot that utilizes a diversity by design mix of multi-specie plant selection will allow for optimal browse/grazing through the calendar year. By diversifying the plant species a smorgasbord “platter” of feeding options is set for the deer. Not only can the deer enjoy their seasonal favorites but they also can ‘set” their diet to optimize their nutrient needs. Example as the deer sen-sates a need for calcium the selection of a brassica will become optimal.    Additionally by using a diversity by design mix the plants can create a synergy supporting each other with needed nutrient availability.

The simply principal of increasing value through diversity will allow the hunter more time to enjoy the “art” of scouting, planning and hunting and will reduce the time the hunter needs to spend on fertilizing and additional seeding. Enjoy the power of diversity and your outdoor experience with a diversity by design mix from Guardian Soil Solutions.